Why Choose Contour?

Over the past 25 years, Contour has and continues to provide superior flexibility in design options, reliable quality and on time complete delivery through the optimizing of three low cost high speed glass tempering production lines.

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The Contour business model is based upon never believing that we have perfected our process.  We are constantly searching for ways to reduce costs, improve productivity, quality and responsiveness, and incorporate new technologies to give us the edge -- glass edge -- that makes us a partner with our customers.

This also means that each member of our Contour team is unique and valuable to our on-going challenge to exceed your expectations. We combine smart people doing important work and who constantly look for ways to improve our processes and create more value for you.

Our business model is built upon taking your product vision and transforming it into a viable product. This process begins with a concept which evolves into product specifications. We work with you to work-out the bugs and to include developmental efficiencies from our transformation processes.  We begin with prototypes, tooling and material evaluations that end with the product you need.  Our processes meet all product standards and certifications.

But, we are not trying to be all things to all people.  If we do not have an expertise you or the designed part requires, we have successful partner relationships that will provide us with the best technical support, direction or outsourced part in the market.

“The Reliable Fit, Way”

Contour Glass Culture – Commitment, Attitude and Pride; in our Company, in our People, in our Customers.

  • Leadership of advanced methods
  • Unwavering persistence
  • Foundation of information that is actionable and ultimately sustainable
  • Pride in our workplace, our equipment and the products and services we provide
  • Attention to detail and finish

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Our Mission

To be “The Reliable Fit”– as a fair and ethical employer, providing a safe and energetic work environment, and delivering on our commitments to customers.

Our Vision

Contour will be the leading Tier 1 glass transformation company with high-speed, low cost, repetitive processing capabilities; incorporating innovative design with flexible customer centric service.