About Us

About Us

Contour was founded in 1985 as a niche specialty glass tempering company of small sizes principle for the appliance, aquarium and millwork industry.  Over the past 25 years, we have retained our focus while methodically expanding our capabilities.  Our company was founded, and has retained the belief, that to produce a good product, you must start with a good company.  We have a high regard for the professional growth of all of our Contour Team because we believe that a company’s products are directly related to the regard the company shows its employees.

Today, Contour serves the appliance, solar glass, lighting, display, and building products markets with high quality glass products.  We call this process of cutting, edging, silk screening, bent/tempering and flat tempering, “glass transformation.”  Recently we added a 48” high speed-tempering furnace, which will improve our customer service to our core customer base, and provide us an entre into additional specialty and fenestration markets.

Our two plants, totaling over 155,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and three tempering lines, are located at the Phipps Bend Industrial Park, in Surgoinsville, Tennessee.

In January 2011, the shareholders of dba Contour (a privately held corporation) sold their stock to Cardinal Equity Partners, a firm headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.  With the exception of the CEO who retired, the entire management team and all employees were retained to support the newly elected CEO and president, Marc Massa, in a growth plan, which expands upon the solid base institutionalized over the past 25 years.

Over a 30 years career at AGC Glass North America (formerly AFG Industries), Marc served in every marketing and sales position from field sales to director of marketing and vice president of sales.  For many years, Contour was a customer of Marc’s, and he developed a deep appreciation for the company, it’s capabilities, it’s people and their philosophy of doing business.

Now Contour is poised for healthy growth based upon the idea that becoming a customer’s best supplier with strong hands on relationships, will earn business the old fashioned way - by creating value.



Our Mission

To be “The Reliable Fit”– as a fair and ethical employer, providing a safe and energetic work environment, and delivering on our commitments to customers.

Our Vision

Contour will be the leading Tier 1 glass transformation company with high-speed, low cost, repetitive processing capabilities; incorporating innovative design with flexible customer centric service.